Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Do you ever hope for blessings in life? And when you least expect it, they fall from Heaven? That's what happened to me, today!! As you all know I have been tinkering and fighting with my blog and the whole designing of it, so it would feel "cozy" and nice, here? I had pretty much given up trying to fix it and let it be because it was passible, enough, but not "me" or my taste. But this morning as I clicked on to Splitcoast Stampers, I had a private message, asking if I still needed to make a Header/Banner, for my blog. I DID! (I just wanted the font changed, really. It just didn't speak of a "French Garden" - LOL! :) That's when I met Teressa, the nicest, hard working, blog creating, Lady Ever!!! At first it was just fixing my blog then she re-created my whole Blog, and made it BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't tell you how much I LOVE it!! And when I saw it, it actually made me teary eyed!! This is what it was supposed to look like, but could never make it into without her talent! It was all her!! What a blessing she is to me!! I know some may say, it's just a blog, Lady! But for me, it's so Beautiful and makes me enjoy my newfound blogging that much more! :) Blessings are all the wonderful little things in life and all the Wonderful people we meet along the way :)
Teressa, you made my whole day!! Thank you for being such a blessing to me and my blog. It's much nicer here, because of you ;)


  1. OK, so I clicked on the right side her advertisement... there is no way to contact her... I have NUMEROUS questions for her... so can you send me her email addy??? mine is needanotherstamp at yahoo dot com

    Thanks Amanda!!!

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  3. Aww...Thank you Amanda! You are such a sweet lady. I totally loved working with you and your post has me all teary eyed this morning. You blessed me yesterday by letting me work with you.

    Kelli, I'll contact you directly, but if you go to my design site and click on Contact Us, there's a form for sending me info. Sorry that if that was unclear.

  4. Totally cute new top and yes isn't it nice to have small blessing delivered to us. Glad you got a pm.


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