Monday, August 9, 2010

Kindergarten and Grown With Love

What a great title to the two subjects, I'll be talking about! :) Now I'm starting to sound like a real blogger! I love fancy titles like that :)

This morning I joined the ranks of many other mothers, who sent their first-born off to Kindergarten! *Sigh* Sad! One funny thing happened though. When we met the teacher for the first time, each child has to introduce themselves. When it was my little one's turn, the teacher asked,
"What is your name?"

My little one said "Um, Ariel" (she's totaly into "The Little Mermaid").

The teacher looked stunned. She looked over at the name tags for a split second and looked blank. I jumped in and said her name, for the teacher. The teacher never cracked a smile, but I thought it was funny, and unexpected. I'm sad to see that her teacher has no sense of humor :(

On to more fun things :)

I made a card last night, and I love how it turned out. But I'm a bit unsure of a few items on the card, namely the green ribbon and the blue butterfly. I just worry that they are too much for the design of the card, but I do love them, so I think I will leave them there :)

I had the "Seeds of Friendship" and the "Berry Sweet" stamps from Flourishes company that I was itching to try out. I was kind of concerned at how I was going to color the berries in, because they can be pretty tricky to do, but these colored in beautifully! I credit that to the design of the stamp, because the seeds/berries have somewhat larger "bumps" (very scientific, I know), it's easier to color in. I'm loving this set!!

I painted a blue "haze" around the raspberries and didn't heat emboss the images in. I wanted the "seed packet" to look like I had accidently left it out in the garden; so it's all washed out and faded by the sun and rain. I wanted it to look like an old fragile piece of paper.

I was really trying for a "modern version" of a distressed look. Not distressed brown but full of color but only softer. I added pearls, lace and worn ribbons to add to the "modern vintage" feel.
I used the backs of the green ribbons for the textures back there :) I had allot of fun creating this card, and I am sure I'll be pulling this stamp set often, in the future, since it's pretty universal :)

I'm entering it in the "Kids Play" Challenge from Flourishes, because when I look at this card I think of "Here we go around the Mulberry bush.." song, but that's not a game. So I think "Ring around the Rosie" is probably the one that fits this one best :)

Psalm 150:1 (1.) Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.
(2.) Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.


  1. Your card is beautifully done! Wonderful elements and two fantastic sets!

  2. Amanda, I have just hopped over to your blog from a kind comment you left on my Pastel Sleigh Ride card on SCS. I read through to the bottom of your blog, where I learned that you are new to blogging! Well, I'm no veteran either! I started at the beginning of June 2010. I know what you mean about the learning curve, but a lot of blogging seemed easy - however, I'm with you on those 'codes' - not sure what that's all about!

    I wish you luck, and I am going to 'follow you' via Google (you'll see my picture in the group on the right!). Visit me at my blog if you have time:

    See you soon!

  3. You already know I adore this card. Its just beautiful. And whohoo.... YOu started a blog girlie! That is awesome! I am following and I added you to my blog list so I can check in on you. :0) hugs...

  4. OMGoodness, this is just simply beautiful! LOVE your new blog too. Fabulous - and I just became a follower! Love your style.

  5. oh such loveliness! Thanks for the kind comment on my SCS nestie card! Had to pop over and browse your new blog...wonderful creations! Can't wait to see what is next!


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