Thursday, October 17, 2013

Splitcoast Stampers : Z Becky Brown

Today I have a neat product to share with all of you. All of us on the Splitcoast Stampers Product Review team were given a Z Becky Brown purse and asked to create something that speaks to us and have fun with it. I certainly had fun and my mind raced all over with what I could do and where I could go with my ideas. I've always wanted a pretty box to put my precious travel postcards in one spot. So I came up with an idea of using it to hold my postcards and add a picture of an activity or family group shot on the back of it, so I can remember it better. I copied my pictures out in black & white onto vellum so it would have a slight vintage look. Under each picture I plan on writing the date and location of each of our travels and keep it in the box to page through any time I want.

If you want to know what I thought of the Z Becky Brown Purse, please visit the SCS Product Review page HERE.

Here is a finished picture of what my box looks like.

And this is the top of the box. I kept everything simple and elegant. I kept the purse box clear without any liners, so you could see the pretty postcards.

Thank you for visiting and head on over to SCS and see what everyone else has created with their Z Becky Brown Purses!!

~ Amanda

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